The March Project 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the following poems are rewrites of im's composed each day to different people

(written 03.04.06--8:26 p.m.)

old roommate out
-how was last night?-
did u ever see a movie on campus,
when you were back in school.
people a little rowdier than in a movie theater,
yelling at the screen a bit.
it was like that.
It was nice.

(written 03.04.06--8:45 p.m.)

i have to be in bellevue tuesday
seeing endocrine specialist
to learn how to eat right with diabetes
-tahts grezt-
yeah, very excited to see someone with a clue
someone who can show me just what to do.
there was that nurse at the union square clinic
on my first known diabetic day
she went over the suggested meal plan,
said “half your plate must be filled with green vegetables,
though who can do that.”

(written 03.04.06--9:00 p.m.)

so trailer park for lunch,
cab down 8th street,
walk down st. mark's place,
turn to love saves the day,
then cb's,
and off to a tenement on orchard street
where his grandpa and my mom and their family grew up
then decaf and cocoa at that new rock club cake shop
no cake, but shared a bagel with some cream cheese
-i'm impressed-
-good for you, what a nice day-
yeah, it was nice.
it’s what you do when family’s in town
-and now youre happy you did right.-
yep, other than my asthma acting up a bit
-its good for you to get out, lying around is bad.-
-i love it but bad-

03.04.06--9:15 p.m.

-get any sleep-
some, 3-4 hours
-i get up early now no matter what time i go to sleep-
-i'm tired.-

(written 03.07.06--9:30 p.m.)

-i shdn’t be up writing to you,-
-shd be in bed,-
-but had tea,-
-have a fever,-
-the caffeine bothering my extra-sensitive sick system.-
-she’s five tomorrow afternoon,-
-pirate party at the park,-
-somehow might squeeze into the house if it rains (probable, ugh),-
-and i need sleep. ugh.-

-how are you.-

except my hands are in bad shape,
this crazy rash that has the skin scabbing out of nowhere
and then falling off and thinking it’s better,
but it’s not.
and then i’ll look
and see blood where the skin got too taut,
and there’s numbness in my fingertips

-oh jesus.-
-you need those hands!!!!!!-
-they’re ... handy...-
-jan wilts with sudden fatigue and illness from her pun...-

(written 03.09.06--11:34 p.m.)

-who are you??-
-hey who are you?-
david from nyc
hey zoey
how are you?
-im alright, how are you?-
doin ok
-thats good-
-how do we know each other, i honestly dont remember its been so long-

(written 03.09.06--12:06 p.m.)

-have you got to any more job apps. sorry, i've been running too much to check in on that.-
i just cried at the dawson's creek junior prom episode, not that this shd be unusual.
no, i haven't, i'll make the media bistros a goal by end tomorrow. sis just had surgery yesterday and is ok, in the hospital for five to seven more days.

(written 03.09.06--12:26 p.m.)

so much fun the other day
-yes it was-
-r u looking forward to it again-
as soon as possible!
when cd that be?
-may be tonight not too sure right now-

(written 03.12.06--4:00 p.m.)

hello :-)
hey lady, u better remember
just a little paula abdul for you :-)
-i'm getting brain freeze-
crunch before the trip?
u can handle it, he says knowingly and u’ll see yr man there, too
i tell u my sister went insane on me when I visited her at nyu hospital yesterday
i walked in with food in a bag from the caf, planning to eat it at bellevue when i went back to the derm doc for my hands, as i knew she cdn't eat real food yet

she said, what is that food? i said yes. she said, i hope yre not planning on eating that in here. i said no, and the fun began

she then laced into me about my hair and beard, saying she told me that to visit her i had to get a haircut and shave, and i told her it's not her business

then ragging on me about not having a job, and saying she'll call the fire dept. about my apartment clutter. saying everyone in my family is wondering when i'm going to try suicide again. and I say that i’ve never tried it before, and she shrugged. said my mother cries to her on the fone about my life

so i finally told her, no matter what you say, that my life is better than yrs. and a few minutes later she threw me out while yelling like a nut.

about five hours later she called me at home to say that she called the fire department, asked me how could i have a roommate at 40 yrs old. i’m 39, i said.

so then i called my mother to tell her if she wants to talk about my life to talk to my dad, her therapist, or me, never about me to my sister, ever.

(written 03.18.06-11:25 p.m.)

-i just called someone who lives in nebraska to tell them they won a trip to see beth orton in ny or san fran!-
booging, be back
-so funny-
back to work, staffers over. :-)

(written 03.18.06-11:35 p.m.)

-did you ever go to sleep?
y do u say that?
-because u usually go to bed at 3am, it's only 748
last night i fell asleep at 115,unintentionally, woke up at 4, back to bed at 430, up at 6 to pee, back up now, to stay up, and maybe nap later
-i went to sleep last night at 730pm
-otherwise i'd still be asleep on a saturday morn
-well, i am over the hill
-i'll buy dinner monday
-where u wanna go?
will u be in my hood for food, and then penn home after?
-i guess
-is there something cool going on?
lemme see, one sec
nope, not really
around the corner from me, 23rd bet. 8th and 9th, is a patsy's pizzeria, by the pie pizza and nice salads, along with other stuff, and moderate

(written 03.18.06-11:50 p.m.)

-just wanted to say hi.
-i leave tomorrow.
on a jet plane?
-dont know when i'll be back again
i so heart john denver

(written 03.19.06-12:05 a.m.)

hey u, we're doing another of our classic albums shows on tues. april 25, at the bowery poetry club, from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. the album is the pretenders, learning to crawl. i'd like to open the night with a few poets i dig reading for 5-8 minutes each, and was hoping you might be into partaking.
-I'd love to! Thank you so much for asking. I don't have any particularly pretenders-related work, but I can pretend to...hee.

(written 03.19.06-12:14 a.m.)

what's up?
anything exciting outside of school?
-just busy
cool, doin' what?
-yes, i got my permit
-its ’ight
-almost hit a car
-cuz i had the right of way
-and it pulled in front of me
-i know
-i was so scared
happens to all of us when we start out. i almost destroyed my neighbor's car before the driver's ed instructor slammed on his brake
-i was only driving on my street
they say most accidents happen close to home

(written 03.19.06-12:32 a.m.)

hey u
how r u?
-signed off at 2:34:06 PM.

(written 03.19.06-12:41 a.m.)

long time
u were right, yr myspace site is awesome
for real, u look so fine in yr pix
-well thanks
thank u

(written 03.19.06-1:25 a.m.)

david here
-hello david...age?
39 nyc, u?
so what r u up to tonight?
-not much... and ur self?
just looking to say hi to my fellow members of the tribe
-i hear ya
-where u from?
-ok that narrows it down
i live in chelsea
-what do you do?
copy editor
thanx. n u?
-immin the medical field
u have a pic?
-send it and ill send mine
-hang on im having trouble with my pic sending
-hang on

(written 03.19.06-1:45 a.m.)

how'd yr event go?
-good. guessing we made 5-700
-only problem was too much scheduled.
-working on doing pictures for my blog now
-wifey already posted a comment to it
-She held Getz most of the night, so she was happy.
better too much than too little, so you can tweak it for next time. that the jackson baby?
-yup, Getz is the Jackson baby
please tell me they're not more "cool" people who felt the need to name their kid after someone cool, say, stan getz
-didn't ask.
cool names make me want to kill, or the apples of the world. or the james joseph bla--bla-bla XIII. why hate yr own kid? it's bad enough when you do it to a pet
-rant finished?
that one will never be finished

(written 03.23.06--8:56 a.m.)

hey u
-hey what
-u going to be on late to night around 10 or 11
-have to get going to go baby sit at 4
no, out, have event i'm reading at. back at midnight or 1
-ok i should be on then, we can talk at that time if u like to, ok?
-have to go now, bye 4 now
cool. Bye.

(written 03.23.06—9:16 a.m.)

-how are you?
i have vaseline on my hands, and i'm wearing white gloves while i type
-wow are they any better, i guess not
they're actually a lot better
-thats good
-what have you been up to?
i just read last night in dumbo
u back?
-i m in the office
how'd it go for u?
-but great
u have an eye for detail
any details about yr voyage?
-it was great, ran smoothly.
-oh i forgot , me and james had our one year anniv last monday night there.
-it was great. cliché but amazing :)
better cliché than haagen dazs alone in your apartment with sex and the city reruns

(written 03.23.06—9:46 a.m.)

u there?
u avail for lunch tomorrow, 1ish
-not sure.
-this week is really busy but i might be able to sneak out
i'll check tomorrow then
-ok cool
-i'm just slammed after being out for a week. how are you, what sup
sure, of course, i just thought i'd ask because i'm out and about tomorrow
-what r u doing tomorrw?
i have an 11 am derm appt at bellevue
i'm excited. hands are getting better, more drugs for them, too, maybe more ideas as to what's causing it
-thats great they are getting better
if they were a 0 before, they're a 5 or 6 now
i don't think u saw them, right?
there was a gash in the back of my right hand that was open and wet. ugh. that has healed, leaving me frankensteinish until the scab falls off
k, he says, typing in white gloves over vaseline-covered hands

(written 03.23.06—10:03 a.m.)

hey sweetie
-miss me?

(written 03.31.06-10:25 p.m.)

i'm watching roswell
and they're saying a kid killed himself.
and one friend swears he didn’t, and researches all over, and goes into his missing friend’s bedroom, and there, bookmarking a robert frost book, is a pair of tickets.
a few minutes later she tells her friends that there's no way he would have killed himself. she saw tickets for the beth orton concert tonight, for him and isabel, and you don't plan for the future when you don't want one.
-NO WAY! that is so funny.
-is that an old show?
episode "cry your name" 2001, off air like 2 yrs
-you’re sick
why? we have rcn, i just pushed the info button.

(written 03.31.06-10:35 p.m.)

-Hello David
-guess what?
-my daughter had her baby this afternoon
-baby boy 7lb 10oz
-Schuyler James
-so I have to split, will talk to u tomorrow sometime, not sure what time. i have to baby sit for my granddaughter in the morning while my daughter’s at the hospital getting her tubes done

(written 03.31.06-11:10 p.m.)

-moore & i are watching the chicks/ducks again. he just said "hapbirfday to you mama."
Haha. cute
-thank you for sending it. indochine also finds it delightful. they are mesmerized, happy glow-faces. me, it touched my heart. thank you.
but of course :-)
-i will chat w/you later, friend. i hope you have a good day-after-my-birthday

(written 03.31.06-11:19 p.m.)

-yo david this is james
-have you had lunch yet
no, i haven't
-we are going for lunch now do you want to meet us
-i guess i should ask sarah first
this is true
-she thinks she wears the pants
she's tiny but packs a wallop
-this is true
-after lunch we are going to the met
fancy, munch after lunch
-so yes or no
i'm game, sure
-ok cool let make sure its ok with my mom
-hi it’s me
yre with yr mom, too?
-i want to go to the met. we've been trying to get out of the apt all morning but i'm sick.
-can we meet for lunch tomorrow??
better idea
-james is going to meet me at my office and we can meet around there for a quick bite
-ok cool. talk to you later

(written 03.31.06-11:42 p.m.)

-hi. i'm waiting to see if james can go to lunch or if he's working all day.
-how are u? i feel like crap i want to go home sick.
doin' ok. just going through my old memo pads from the last two yrs and updating my rolodex.
why crap? no sleep? all night lovin’?
-no, unfortunately, cough and cold.
-i just don’t feel good. i'm trying to snap out of it.
snap out of it!
-i'm trying, cher!
-how r yr hands?
getting better. i miss my gash.

(written 03.31.06-11:57 p.m.)

-I gotta go to bed soon. hubby is asleep.
-how are you?
doin’ ok, just editing stuff for the next issue
-very good. so the greens just had a nice win in florida.
what'd they win?
-someone who I believe the website said was the founder of the radical cheerleader movement won for city council or something in Palm Beach. pretty cool. she was described as an anarchist--and won anyway!

nice, i didn't know there was a radical cheerleaders movement
-oh. the radical cheerleaders are hysterical. they get a group of women together, dress up like anarchist cheerleaders, and do chants about war, peace, and bush, with all the cheerleader antics and jokes and middle fingers and stuff very entertaining. they even call out the cheers like a professional squad and stuff. we saw them do that in new paltz
-okay. i gotta go to sleep.
-good night!

(written 04.01.06-12:53 a.m.)

hey, do u have a recent picture of u that u can email me?
-nope, y?
i was hoping u had one so i cd keep it on my wall so i cd remember what you look like, that's all
-if you’d leave your house and neighborhood we could have dindin

(written 04.01.06-1:10 a.m.)

-sup sweetie

(written 04.01.06-1:18 a.m.)

go home
-cant yet :-(
missile secrets?
-keeping a job smart ass
yr personality
-is keeping my job :-)
i don't think so, you've always been like this. better than being an ax-murderer though
-i have a job I’d like to keep it. that is how you keep a job
o k